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تعلن مؤسسة عامر العظم بالاشتراك مع شركة بيان جروب عن بدأ المرحلة الاولى من مشروع " ورشة المترجم العربى "
عدد ساعات الورشة 15 ساعة على 5 ايام
والسعر مفاجأة " 100 جنية فقط "
وتقام الورشة فى مقر شركة بيان جروب ( 51 ش هشام لبيب - الحى الثامن - مدينة نصر )
ولمزيد من الاستفسار يرجى الاتصال بنا عبر :
- التليفون : 0178801082 / 26710297
- الايميل :

مؤسسة عامر العظم
بالشراكة مع
بيان لخدمات الترجمة والتعريب
عن المرحلة الأولي من
مشروع المترجم العربي
الأسبوع الأول مجانا

Arabic Translator Program (ATP)
(Introductory Course)
Hours: 15 (5 consecutive days x 3 hours: 6:00 – 9:00 pm)
Trainer: Muhammad Fadel
A translation and cultural interaction expert, Mr. Fadel enjoys 20 years of in-depth experience where he used to dedicate his full time to practicing translation activities (translating, revising, editing and training). He worked for various global organizations including, among others, World Bank, UNESCO, UNICIF, World Health Organization,World Trade Organization, BBC, Swedish Broadcast and tens of other global and regional governmental and non-governmental bodies. Mr. Fadel works are globally accredited and some of them are published by global publishers including Elias Modern Publishing House, Safeer International, El Shorouq International Bookshop, Um Al Qura, Dar Al Nashr Lil-Jami’at, Ibn Sina and Dar Al-Kalima (Egypt), Obeikan and Jarir (Saudi Arabia), Suzler Publishers (Turkey), Dar Al-Hikma (London), Milli Publications (India) and SKD Bavaria (Germany).
Location: Bayan Translation Services
Established in 2002, Bayan Translation Services (BTS) specializes in providing an integrated set of cultural communication and language services including multilingual translation, interpretation, copy editing, content creation, software localization, website globalization, glossary, subtitling and dictionary development. We provide our services in 100+ global language pairs and our services are authorized from various embassies, ministries and other official bodies in Egypt.
Session One : Translation Skills
This is an introductory session where the trainer shares personal translation expertise with trainees and introduces the ATP, highlighting its modules, benefits and targeted Program goals.
Session Two : Legal Translation in Practice
One-session workshop where trainees will learn about the basics of Legal Translation and get involved in an on-class legal translation experience. This session will help trainees understand what it takes to be an outstanding legal translator and how to develop related necessary skills.
Session Three : Diplomacy & UN Translation in Practice
In this session, trainees with passion to diplomacy and UN translation and/or those with UN-career ambitions will find the right way to their future path. This workshop will help trainers identify the requirements of a diplomacy and UN translation career and get involved in an on-class translation experience.
Session Four : Culture, Ideology & Religion Translation in Practice
As the transformation of culture, ideologies and religions is the most intricate form of translation, this workshop is meant to make an anatomy of such sophistication. Through in-depth, hands on theoretical coaching and practical translation experiences trainees shall learn how to produce a readable top-notch target text that looks like written by a native subject matter specialist.
Session Five : Literary Translation in Practice
Rendering a literary text from one culture to another while still preserving the aesthetic aspects in the target language is a painstaking process. This workshop session shall unfold to trainees how excel in such a translation activity, highlighting related technical tricks and exposing them to real case literary translation attempts.
Testing & Certification is available on course end.
Certificate Charges: EGP 100
Course Starting: Upon the Completion of Targeted Minimum Number of Trainees

Inquiries & Registration: Please contact Bayan Translation Services from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday
51 Hisham Labib St., 8th District, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
Tel./Fax: (+202) 26710297 - (+202) 22712516 - (+202) 22712472 - Mobile.: (+2) 017 88 010 82
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